Terra Mystica - B0792J49JZ

Terra Mystica - B0792J49JZ
Codice Prodotto: B0792J49JZ
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  • Highly regarded strategy game for 2 - 5 players

  • Compete to develop your faction and claim your territory

  • Wonderfully designed and aesthetically beautiful

  • For ages 2 - 5 and ages 14

  • Award winning and ranked top 10 in Board Game Geek's all time best of list

  • Transform the landscape, expand your territory and develop your faction in a land of legendary creatures including dwarves, giants, witches, and mermaids.

    Terra Mystica is a highly regarded, multi-award winning board game that's ranked in Board Game Geek's top 10 all-time best games list. Relatively complex but thoroughly rewarding, the game involves very little luck and instead rewards strategic planning.

    * Players: 2 - 5
    * Ages: 14
    * Game time: 30 minutes per player

    Enter a magical world where the inhabitants have the power to transform the terrain in which they live. In Terra Mystica, players strive to develop one of fourteen factions more successfully than their opponents. Each faction is bound to a specific type of terrain, and there?s not enough room for everyone. You must compete to claim valuable territory while altering the environment to meet your faction's needs. Expand your influence and build structures that provide valuable resources like workers, priests, money, and power. Adapt to the evolving challenges and claim your territory!

    With fourteen artfully-designed factions and different bonus cards in play each game, Terra Mystica presents unique challenges and many paths to victory. Build more basic Dwellings to have many workers on hand, or upgrade your Dwellings into other structures that provide their own unique benefits. Build temples to gain more influence in the cults of fire, water, earth, and air. Or ensure that you have a constant flow of money by building trading houses. Whatever strategy you choose, make use of the resources at your disposal to perform the actions that will forge a path for your faction.

    Aside from being bound to a single type of terrain, the denizens of the world of Terra Mystica have unique traits. Some are in tune with the magic of the world, while others ... [contact us for more info].

    Terra Mystica - B0792J49JZ